Travel has been my passion since childhood when my parents took me to Georgia, Abkhazia, and Uzbekistan. Although I initially dreamed of a career as a flight attendant or ship captain to satisfy my wanderlust, my professional journey led me elsewhere. After completing my master’s degree from the University of Georgia (the state, not the country!), I spent over 20 years at leading advertising agencies in New York. However, the travel bug finally prevailed, leading me to transition to the travel industry and launch WanderWild Travel.

My extensive travel background is one of my greatest assets as a travel advisor: I have visited over 60 countries and all seven continents. Whether tasting exotic cuisine in remote villages or dining at a 3-star Michelin restaurant, I am equally at ease. Drawing from firsthand knowledge and local connections gained through these experiences, I can coordinate all types of travel.

“I’m in love with cities I’ve never been to and people I’ve never met.” – John Green


I'm Inga

As a wildlife and nature enthusiast, some of my most memorable adventures have taken me to the Galapagos Islands, Antarctica, South Georgia, Borneo, Tasmania, and numerous African safaris. Exploring cultures different from my own is another passion of mine. From staying with local families in remote parts of Bhutan to soaking in the vibes of Iran and Egypt, these have been some of my most cherished travel experiences.

For me, the journey is as important as the destination. By mastering the art of collecting and redeeming airline miles and credit card points, I've enjoyed most of my Business or First class flights for a fraction of the cost. I leverage this expertise to devise the most advantageous miles redemption strategies for my clients, advising on the best routing, seats, airlines, and aircraft types to enhance their travel experiences.

Making and eating momos with a local family at a homestay,
attending colorful festivals (tshechus) and hiking Tiger’s Nest


Volunteering with giant pandas at Wolong Panda Base on a day trip from Chengdu. I got lucky and was the only volunteer that day!


Sailing down the Nile on a historic dahabiya boat


Learning about Persian culture, marveling at the historic architecture, and having all sorts of stereotypes dispelled


Walking with rhinos, tracking mountain gorillas, watching wild dogs hunt… and so much more!


Watching penguins waddle across the ice, seals basking on the icebergs (leopard seals are my favorite!), and being surrounded by breaching whales in a zodiac. Oh, and did I mention a polar plunge?


some of my favorite


PLACES I'VE visited

Just a few of the